Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Prompt: Write a story that starts with a screech.
Deb, Erin and Alison did writes, too. Check it out!

The girl's screech drowned out the owl's. I glanced behind me, back to the little wooden house I had just left, making soothing crooning sounds to the owl on my arm.
  "Shh, Joshua. I know." The owl swiveled its head, looking between my eyes and the house. He screeched again.
  He needed to be quiet. If he kept this up, he would give us away. But I could tell he was worried. The girl's screeches had turned to cries for help. It was a dream, but it was a bad one. "Would you feel better if we changed her dream?"
  Joshua shut one eye, then opened it before shutting the other, as though regarding my words. His feathery whiteness shone brightly in the moonlight and I glanced around; I saw nothing but darkness and heard nothing beyond the click of his eyes. Until the girl cried out again.
  "All right. What shall it be? Soft snow or white sands?" Snow this deep in the forest would probably just make the girl cold, so sand it would be. I stroked Joshua's head softly and started muttering the words. Glittering light floated from my fingertips and Joshua twittered. The light swirled once above our heads, then shot in the direction of the house. The girl cried out once more, but it turned to a sigh. 
  My gaze left the shadowed house and glanced once more around the forest. "We are done here. She will rest peacefully. Let's go." Joshua ruffled his feather's and climbed to my shoulder. I swished my cape around us both, and we disappeared into the night.

*parliament blinks*

Beautiful !!! \O/



  1. Ha! Love the owls! You got a lot more out in 10 minutes than I did *shoulder pat* Nice work.

    This is so much fun, and just what I need right now. Here's mine: http://kickingcorners.blogspot.com/2014/09/let-it-begin-with-screech.html

  2. Love the dreams, and the winks....so cute. Tomorrow iwll be ten minutes for me I promise ;-)

  3. I'm confused, but in the awesomest way possible, because I just keep thinking of possible worlds this could be taking place in and what it could all mean. I'm so happy you thought of this fabulous prompt idea!