Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Forest

This picture is the writing prompt for today. You can also read Alison's, Sabrina's, Julie's and Deb's.

  He elbowed me.
  "Shh," I hissed. "I think I hear her coming."
  "It doesn't matter. You're nothing but a bit of dross moss on the side of the tree. Not like me."
  "What, like she'd choose small, pitiful lichen over beautiful green moss? I don't think so." I struggled to be as big as I could. Next to me Jack did the same. We were about the same size. I rammed him with my shoulder.
  "Hey." He rammed me back. I shoved him, and we were lost in our quarrel until the voices around us hummed, "Here she comes."
  I glanced down through the trees, straining to see her. Jack's head popped up, blocking my view. I shoved him down and peered over his side. At first there was nothing but trees and green and shadows. But one of the shadows grew bigger.
  "It's her. She's going to choose me," Jack said.
  "Shh," I replied, sticking my elbow into his back. He squirmed, but at least he shut his mouth.
  As she neared I saw that her hair was dark, like her cloak, but that her skin was almost white. Her lips were a red I'd never seen before, but I couldn't make out anything more; the cloak covered the rest of her.
  "She isn't choosing anyone yet. What if she passes me by?"
  She was almost in front of us, so I released Jack and stood as tall as I could. "If she passes you by, it's because she is coming for me."
  "She is not. She'd choose a hundred lichen before she'd choose some moss."
  "Take that back," I ordered, wrapping an arm around his neck.
  "Never," he muttered, struggling against my grip.
  "Then let us--"
  The lady's eyes peered at us, the center as deep a blue as any raindrop, the outer edge the brown of trees. I quickly released Jack, wringing my hands because I hadn't realized she had been so close, nor that we had been so loud.
  "What are your names?" she asked us.
  Jack trembled next to me. "Tryvan," I said, wanting to sound brave and sure, but my voice cracked. Jack still didn't say anything, so I added, "This is Jack."
  "Hm, moss and lichen. Very interesting."
  "We're sorry, ma'am," Jack finally squeaked. "We didn't mean to be disrespectful or--"
  She held up her hand to silence him, then raised both hands above her head, as though addressing the entire world. The cloak slipped, exposing her long fingers and thin wrists.
  "Hear me, oh forest. I have chosen. Let it forever be remembered that I choose Jack the Lichen and Tryvan the Moss. They shall serve me until I come again. Honor be upon Lichen and Moss in this forest." Light grew around her hands. I watched until it became brighter than any light I had ever seen, even brighter than when the tree next to us had fallen and the sun bore down upon us and we had shriveled and almost died from the exposure.
  Then all was black. And I knew I was dead.
  Until Jack's elbow found my ribs.


  1. Lovely. The banter, the imagery, the ending. Love the end. Good job you.

    Here's mine:

  2. You don't have little boys, do you? :D

  3. How did I miss reading this first time round? How perfect!